create a mindful workplace.

we work with a range of corporates to create bespoke mindfulness programmes, from stress-management workshops, to private meditation classes. we support workplaces to open conversations, implement consistent mindfulness tools, and improve employee performance, but more importantly, their wellbeing:



get in touch to set up a corporate partnership allowing employees reduced class rates, and access to private workshops.


private classes.

we work with corporates to create regular or one-off private classes in our Parnell studio, offering employees a chance to take a brthe’r and recharge.



get in touch to discuss a tailored workshop to support you achieve your workplace goals, from stress management, to fostering positive culture.


why mindfulness?

we know what it’s like to rely on coffee to make it through the afternoon, to be drowning in workload and running on empty. science shows that simple tools can assist us to change our relationship with our work, and support us to manage stress effectively, so that it doesn’t manage us.

so, what does the science tell us:


Reduces Burnout

mindfulness reduces chronic stress, and improves personal resilience. but don’t take our word for it: show me more research

Supports Sleep + Vitality

mindfulness can support and improve deeper and more restorative sleep. but don’t take our word for it: show me more research

Improves Focus + Energy

mindfulness can improve our ability to remain focused and alert. mindfulness also supports higher levels of energy and productivity. but don’t take our word for it: show me more research

Reduces Sickness

chronic stress can take it’s toll on our immune system, mindfulness can alleviate the pressures on the body and our health, but don’t take our word for it: show me more research


want a workplace ‘brthe-r’?

sometimes work can feel like it’s getting on top of you - but we have a few stress management hacks up our sleeve that can help you get back on top!

reach out to schedule a private class or explore a corporate workshop:

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