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mindfulness is simple, but cultivating regular practice is not easy, especially in our fast-paced lives. We offer drop-in, mindfulness, meditation & journaling classes, that work on your schedule:


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Feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed? We use simple, breath and mindfulness meditation practises to hack your nervous system into relaxation. A class to exhale life’s tension and offer yourself a moment of stillness and calm. a meditation class perfect for beginners, and first-time meditators.



stress can be damaging to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Journaling can act as a powerful stress management tool, that can help to get our thoughts out of our head and onto paper so we can start to action conscious lift shifts. Our journalling classes are guided using prompts, and don’t worry we will never spotlight you to share what you write at any point!



sound can create powerful shifts in our frequency. sound is used to trigger deep healing at a cellular level. During this class we use crystal sound bowls to create frequencies that deeply relax the nervous system, as well as shift any blockages through the energy centres of the body on both physical and emotional levels. simply lay on our cushions and absorb the sound vibrations.



Unwind and recharge with one of our relaxing guided meditations, transport your body to a place of total relaxation and restoration. a perfect way to release the day before bedtime.


private session.

want some special attention? want to LEARN ABOUT mindfulness with a tailored approach to suit you and your lifestyle? or maybe, diving into the unknown feels daunting? We get it! If you would like to schedule a private session with one our teachers, to explore mindfulness ONE ON ONE, FLICK Us AN email hello@brthe.co.nz. warning: we don’t take ourselves too seriously, our private sessions are served with a side of laughs!



We are collaborating with some of nz’s psychology, neuroscience & coaching enthusiasts to bring you interactive, bite-sized workshops that help you tackle stress, anxiety, goals and all the things in between.

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