everyday mindfulness classes, for everyday people - a mindgym.



the paradox is, when we slow down, we speed up.


Our classes are for anybody and everybody. our fast-paced lives have led us to stress, anxiety and exhaustion as our societal norm - the burnout epidemic.

Mindfulness practice strengthens the basic human ability to be fully present and calm, without getting trapped in reactivity and overwhelm of what’s going on around us, and in our minds. We offer science-based tools, to hack your nervous system into calm, so you can take a moment to rest, recharge and reset.



Do I have to have meditated before?

Nope, our classes are simple meditation and journaling classes for everyday people. We guide you through simple mindfulness practices that help you hack your nervous system into calm.

Are your classes spiritual?

No, we don’t believe that mindfulness & meditation has to look spiritual or religious, rather a chance to create some stillness and calm in our fast paced lives. Our team is made up of a range of backgrounds, so our classes are rooted in science & psychology with a balance of ancient wisdom. 

What are the health benefits of mindfulness?

What isn’t a health benefit of mindfulness?! We have been fortunate our friends at Harvard have spent the last decade studying the effects of mindfulness and mediation on the brain; reduced stress, reduced anxiety, reduced sickness, reduced overwhelm, reduced burnout, reduced self-criticism.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t reduce everything: increased immunity, increased calm, increased concentration, increased connection with others, improved sleep & so much more. Mindfulness isn’t a one size fits all, mindfulness can offer different benefits for everyone, it’s something you have to try and notice for yourself.

What do I expect?

Expect friendly faces & teachers who love to chat! Expect cups of tea and lots of calming breaths. Expect aromatherapy that hacks your system into calming the moment you walk through our doors. Our classes are led by real people, who understand that mindfulness and meditation is unfamiliar (and scary) for many, and we appreciate that most people don’t want to dive down the rabbit hole of spirituality. We lead classes in a way that is suitable to even a first time meditator.

How long does it take for mindfulness to be effective?

How long is a piece of string? Some people notice they feel significantly calmer and less scattered even after their first class however the beauty of mindfulness is in a consistent practice. Mindfulness and meditation, when practiced consistently, actually rewire our brains to be calmer, happier & more resilient. 

What do I wear?

Come in whatever feels right to you - but we encourage cosy & comfort. brthe is a place for you to leave life’s expectations at the door, to show up in whatever way you want too :)